About Us

Greetings form the whole team of Aesthete Lifestyle Dentistry Aesthete comes to you from a family with generations of dentists. Our combined years of experience, travel and education has helped us evolve in bringing you the very best what 21st century dentistry has to offer all under one roof. At Aesthete we give great emphasis on communication and value. Our professional team of senior professors and super specialists will make sure that the best of dental care is made available customized for your lifestyle.

Whether it is fear of dental work, wanting a better smile, understanding your Childs dental needs or financial concerns you can be assured that we at aesthete will listen and take care of your needs. We have succeeded in creating an environment where our patients are much more relaxed and have a feel at home experience. Our five star feel and philosophy is aimed at patients looking forward to a dental visit rather than hating it. Our core values of empathy, trust, dedication, ethics and team work help us realize our message through you which is beautifully embodied in our catch phrase as we say at aesthete that- "NOW YOU'RE SMILING


Dear Dr Shetty,

I have reached Calif safe, got back to work last week and already feel ready for my next vacation. I am doing good. , taking care of my teeth. I want to express my sincere thanks for all the dental work you did on me. I feel very blessed to have you work on my teeth. I still recall the beautiful office, relaxing music and pain free treatment.No wonder my brothers and Sudhir look forward to coming to your office. You are very down to earth person, so rare to find . You will never have a problem to become very successful in your business. May God fulfill all your dreams in your personal life and professional career.

Nanda Nayak